Poetic Chronicles: Eureka seveN

Mecha and Vehicles

Renton's Motorbike (CSX-1200 Custom)

Renton promised himself in the sixth volume of the manga that he would build a bike for himself and Eureka to ride together, so it's no suprise that soon after he returned to his home at Belleforest, he started work on this hand made bike based on the Harukin CSX-1200 motorbikes that have become popular among teens. While most of the bikes of this style are painted red, Renton's was purely blue and grey, only keeping the red shocks and signature Harukin wheel sprocket crimson (parts he special ordered from a shop in Belleforest). The power output on this bike is good, but not comparable to the higher-end CSX-3500 (One of which Holland owns). the bike can go up to 100 km/h (about 60mph) on flat roads, and can get there in about 12 seconds. Renton even installed a compac drive, a modification that is unusual for smaller vehicles. Renton felt that he could really make Eureka happy if he did this, because it would make the bike more familiar (which isn't quite true, but Eureka finds it an acceptable mod). They use the bike several times as a major item in the story, and use it as a release from the day's hassles.

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Shrike (PSR-3500)

Unit ID Code: PSR-3500
Unit Name: Shrike
Unit Type: Experimental Heavy-Armored High-Performance Combat LFO

Height: 14.3 Meters
Weight: 27.8 Tons (with armor and ammunition)
Power Output: 6300/180 PS/BPM
Top Speed: 210 km/h (flight mode)

Equipment: High-Performance Fusion Battery, long-range sensor array
Equipment (experimental): Trapar-Concentration Drive, Photonic Lift Wings x2, Compac Feedback system, neuro-link synaptic control system, liquid hydrogen rocket boosters (mounted on back) x2, Anti-Limiter system, trapar emission drive.

Weapon Systems: PC-8 long range plasma cannon x2, self-guided homing missile x14, .85 calibur rotary machine gun turret x2, trapar emission pulse cannon (mounted in hand units) x2, Photonic blades (part of wing structure) x2.


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